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The daily necessities mold mold we made in March.

We have rich experience and expertise in gas assist mold and moulding, overmolded mold and moulding, thin wall products mold and moulding,Basket mould,thread mold and moulding, stack mold and moulding,Household Plastic Mould, deep barrel series mold and moulding, multi-cavity mold and moulding, insert mold and moulding, high polish mold and moulding, etc. Via over 10 years development, nowadays,Heya expand the workshop over 5,000 square meters, with over 80 employees. Our engineers and technicians are trained professional expertise and good sense of responsibility.

We have a high-level designers team and we adopt advanced machine.Company set up mould workshop and injecting workshop. Equiped advanced tool machining equipment , for example , CNC, electricity , line-incise, grinding, milling, lathe and so on.The essential info of mould.

Vegetable Crate Mold belongs to the Crate Mould under the Vegetable Crate Mold. According to the different product styles, the Crate Mould can be divided into traditional style and personalized style, turnover box plastic mould, plastic crate mould, collapsible stroage container mould, vegetable crate mold, collapsible stroage container mould, etc.

Spoon/fork/knife molds can be divided into different categories according to their materials, shapes, patterns, usage: According to different product materials, it can be divided into PP spoon moldPS spoon moldPP fork moldPS fork mouldPP knife mouldPS knife moldsPLA spoon moldsPLA fork mouldPLA knife mold, etc.; According to different product shapes, it can be divided into Elbow spoon moldElbow fork moldElbow knife mould, etc.; According to different product patterns, it can be divided into Glossy spoon moldGlossy fork mouldGlossy knife moldFrosted spoon moldFrosted fork mouldFrosted knife molds, etc.; According to different usage, it can be divided into Disposable spoon mold, Disposable knife moldDisposable fork moldFruit fork mouldCake knife mouldCake fork can mould, etc.

HEYE mould is professional in making various of size plastic container mould. HEYE can design plastic container moulds according to customer requirements, and also has a variety of plastic container product design drawings for customers to choose. Generally, a better container manufacturer needs to pay attention to the following conditions to have a better market.

The most common ones are PP and HDPE plastics. Germany 1.2738 steel can guarantee good polishing and lasting polishing effect, can also maintain long-lasting high-pressure injection. Our plastic container size is generally 600 * 350 * 450mm, cycle time is 48 seconds. the wall thickness of plastic container mould is 1.2mm, and no more than 0.003mm for the tolerance range of wall thickness. The stripper plate is specially designed for plastic container mould, to ensure long-term high-speed injection for plastic container mould.

plastic bucket mould for biryani belongs to the Bucket Mould under the Household Mould. According to the different product styles, the Bucket Mould can be divided into traditional style and personalized style, such as plastic medical bucket injection mold,water bucket injection molds,industrial bucket mould tools, etc.

Heya Mold is a professional mold manufacturer in designing and making plastic shopping basket mould with handles. For the style of the Basket , the Basket Mould includes the traditional style and personalized style, such as plastic laundry basket mold ,storage basket injection molds,plastic fruit basket mould and so on.