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Plastic Wedding Chair Mould manufacturers & suppliers

Heya molds has more than 10 years experience in a huge range of varieties for Plastic Chair Moulds which included different styles, sizes and colors.such as Beach Chair, wedding chair,arm chair, daily use chair,rattan chair, baby chair and etc.. ..Considering the cost saving for customer in plastic chair moulds project,Heya molds has strict standards with special cooling systems to reduce the cycle time and provide interchangeable inserts to help customers create different chair backrest versions during the production process, which can be easily changed on the machine.

Mould characteristics:
1. heya plastic chair mould has a short cycle, high efficiency, long life and low cost.
2. The mould cooling adopts circulating water, which effectively improves the mould ejection efficiency of the product.
3. The superposition effect is good, and the parting line is smooth.


If you are interested in our services or want to specify some information, please contact us. Customers with the following requirements come to us most often:
I have a sample, I need to make a mold.
I have a mold, I need to make a certain amount of products
I have a design, I need to make a mold and then make a certain amount of products
I have an idea, I need everything - from design to production.

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